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Why You Should Take a Chance on a Senior Greyhound

Adopting a senior greyhound is a huge commitment, but it is one that you will never regret.  They may be classified as ‘senior’ but these greys still have so much love to give!  Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t let a few grey hairs get in the way of giving these special senior greyhounds a loving home.

1.ALL greyhounds deserve a second chance at life.  All greyhounds deserve to know what it feels like to be valued, loved and cherished.  A senior greyhound has well and truly earned the right to live out the rest of their days on a comfortable couch being showered with love and affection each and every single day.

2.They give a whole new meaning to the word ‘lazy’.  Greyhounds are a lazy breed in general, needing at least 20 hours of sleep a day.  Senior greyhounds take this to a whole new level.  They need very little exercise and will be more than happy, lounging around all day dozing, snoring and occasionally eating.

3.You get to skip that demanding ‘puppy’ phase.  A senior greyhound isn’t going to destroy your favourite pair of runners or go to the toilet all over your freshly laundered clothes.  They won’t jump or yap and they require very little training.  Senior greyhounds are generally calm, quiet and relaxed from the very first day that you bring them home.

4.You will have an excuse to take regular naps during the day.  If your greyhound needs a nap, it’s only fair that you join in.  Why should your poor, old, senior greyhound have to sleep all alone?

5.You get to feel a happiness like no other.  Adopting a senior greyhound could literally be saving their life.  There is an inner gratification that can only be felt by doing something so completely selfless and benevolent as giving a senior greyhound the second chance at life that they may never have been given if it wasn’t for you. 

6.They know what you did and will be forever grateful for it.  Animals that have been adopted just seem to know it.   You can see it in the way they look at you with soulful, appreciative eyes.  It’s in the way they greet you when you get home from work and it’s how they treasure every moment they get to spend with you.  An adopted greyhound will never forgot that you changed their life forever.

It takes a special kind of person to adopt a senior greyhound, so on behalf of all the senior greyhounds out there who have been given a second chance at life, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

In loving memory of our beautiful Bridget, a legend in her senior years, always in our hearts xx


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