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Tutoring Workshop #1 – Fail Proof Methods to Attract Clients to Your Business


Hey guys,

Tutoring can be a fantastic way to supplement your teaching income and it can also be an incredibly rewarding and positive experience.  Whilst tutoring and teaching are very similar in many ways, there are also many distinct differences.  With tutoring you have the benefits of have much closer interaction with your students and as a result you can pinpoint learning difficulties much more easily and therefore target your teaching.  You also get to see up close and personal the growth that your students are making in your lessons.  As a tutor part of our job is to restore a love for learning and enhance the confidence that our students may have lost over time.  The following workshop provides you with the information you need to grow you business and draw clients to your tutoring sessions.

  1. Create a flyer.  This is the first thing you need to do in order to draw customers your business. This is what you will use to promote your skills and persuade parents to chose you as their tutor.  Your flyer should be professional and accurate, detailing your experience as a teacher or previous tutoring experience.  Make sure you include the year levels that you want to tutor and the subject areas (keep in mind many parents are looking for English and Maths tutoring). Clearly detail the prices of your tutoring and the length of each session as well as your contact details.  You want to sell yourself without coming across as too desperate.  It is vital that you are honest and upfront in your flyer, the last thing you want is to be caught out by a parent, as this can instantly destroy your credibility as a tutor.  You can download two flyer versions from my website, one has a tear off contact sheet for pinning up, the other is better for handing out to schools etc.
  2. Talk to schools.  If you’re already teaching talk to your principal first.  Make sure they are ok with you tutoring and discuss any formal processes you may have to take.  Ask if you can place a notice in the school newsletter or even have your flyer handed out to each family.  Do this for all the schools in your area that have children the age that you wish to tutor.  Ask if you can leave some flyers or place a notice in their school newsletter.  Remember, principal time is very valuable so it helps to call ahead and schedule a time to see them.  This also makes you look professional and willing to make an extra effort.
  3. Advertise your business.  Think about places where parents may be frequenting.  Swim club, after school care, sporting venues etc.  Visit these venues and ask if they would mind putting up your flyer.  You can also place an add on Gumtree, or in the paper.  Keep your add simple and professional, include all the specifics of your tutoring sessions.  If you know parents try to get word of mouth out, let them know you are tutoring and ask whether they know anyone who may be interested.  You may even create business cards and ask if you can leave them in certain places around town.  
  4. Social media.  Create a Facebook page and invite all your Facebook friends.  You can even chose to promote this page in your local area (this does come at small cost depending on how many followers your page has).  Details on your page should be similar to your flyer, be specific and keep it professional at all times.  Place a post in your local buy, swap and sell sites with links to your page and details about your tutoring sessions.   On my website you will also find a sample post that you can download and edit for your use.  A single post can reach hundreds, even thousands of potential clients.  Remember that you will need to monitor your Facebook for message requests as those who are not your Facebook friends will not be able to contact you until you approve their request.

Remember this is the first impression that your potential clients will have of you.  Respond to requests quickly, return phone calls, messages and emails as soon as you can.  If you leave a good impression with one family they are more likely to recommend you to others in the future.

Good luck! And keep checking in for Tutoring Workshop #2 – The essentials when meeting your tutoring parents for the first time.

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