Blind, ignorant or just completely corrupt? Why is the greyhound industry refusing to accept responsibility…

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Change is happening. It is inevitable. The industry has been told to clean up its act if it wants this ‘sport’ to survive in Australia. These reforms come as a result of findings from a recent inquiry into greyhound racing in NSW. The severe and ongoing mistreatment of these dogs is completely unjustifiable and yet […]

Greyhound Muzzling Laws – Why are we continuing to victimize this precious breed?

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Greyhound muzzling is an archaic law that was introduced to Australia in 1927.   This law has been hugely detrimental to this breed for a number of reasons, but mostly because it creates a public misconception that these dogs are dangerous and aggressive.  People see greyhounds wearing muzzles, and since there is a lack of awareness […]