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Sure Signs That You’re A Crazy Greyhound Person

Firstly, let me start by saying, there is nothing wrong with being a crazy greyhound person.  I’m the first to admit I’m as crazy as it comes it regards to greyhounds! Greyhound people are the best, kind of people. So to all the crazy greyhound lovers out there, this one’s for you…

  1. Your Instagram is filled with photos of your greyhound in a variety of poses. Bonus points if your greyhound posts for himself or herself, and extra bonus points if your greyhound has his or her own account. Let’s face it… greyhound selfies are the BEST!
  2. You refer to your greyhounds are your babies/children/kids… and treat them as such. Let’s face it, treating your dogs like children is perhaps a little bit nuts but who cares?! My greyhounds are my babies and god damn it, no one is going to tell me how to treat them. If you want to make your greyhound delicious, doggy birthday cakes and dress them in matching outfits, then go for it! And don’t forget to post that awesomeness on Instagram so that we can all be a part of the craziness!
  3. You wouldn’t hesitate to take a day off work to look after your greyhound. I mean you have carer’s leave right? And who else is going to stop your baby from licking at that cut on his leg? Nothing cures a sore paw like a day on the couch cuddling up with your human. It’s our duty really!
  4. When your friends see you out in public without your greyhound, the first thing they ask you is “Where’s your dog?” You might think you’re hiding your craziness, but trust me… You’re not.
  5. You’d rather spend a night cuddled up on the couch with your greyhound, then out with your friends. And remember, it doesn’t count as drinking alone if your dog is home!  Can you think of anything better than chilling on the couch, watching re-runs of Paw Patrol with your greyhound all night?
  6. You spend more money on doggy accessories, toys, treats and food, than you do on yourself and your favourite place to shop is the local pet store. A greyhound can never have too many toys, am I right? If you’re house isn’t filled with mangled stuffed toys and your yard doesn’t look like a graveyard of half-chewed bones, then something’s just not right!

To be honest, I haven’t met a greyhound person who isn’t just a little obsessed with their lanky pooch! But who can blame them? Once you adopt a greyhound it’s really only a matter of time before you are converted into a crazy dog person by this beautiful breed!

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