Positive Words Acrostic Poems – Social and Emotional Learning

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This little freebie is an excellent tool to help your students really think about the words that they around school, in the community and at home.  I used them during a social and emotional lesson, which we have once a week.  It is the perfect activity for this, easy to explain, little preparation time needed and incorporates a bit of sneaky writing practice (synonyms), without the kids even realising it! 

Here’s how to implement it in your classroom in four simple steps:

  1. Begin by having a classroom discussion about how important it is to use positive words at all times, but especially at school. Ask students how they think negative words impact those around them.  Talk about how it feels when others use negative words around them.  Discuss how it is also helpful to change our negative thoughts into positive ones.
  2. Explain to the students what an acrostic poem is. Model an example on the board, use one of the poems in the pack so that students get an understanding that the focus is on positive/happy words.  Or use the example below:

S   uperb

M  agical

I    ncredible

L   augh

E  cstatic

  1. Get started! I let my students use the thesaurus to help them out, they need the practice anyway, but they must be able to explain the word to me before they use it. Otherwise they just pick the biggest word they can find!  If they finish, they can decorate their poems with pictures that make them feel happy and positive.
  2. Reflect. Let the students share their poems with the class. This is the perfect opportunity for them to practice their oral language as well as their speaking and listening skills.

Download the acrostic poems from TpT by clicking HERE.

Good luck!

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