Picture Story Book Of The Week – Who Sank the Boat

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Teacher review for “Who Sank the Boat”.  These reviews are designed to assist teachers with implementing and incorporating numerous reading strategies into everyday activities. Each book review will include suggestions for class discussions on some, or all of the following reading strategies; Predicting, Making Connections, Main Idea, Summarizing, Inferring, Fact and Opinion, Word Meaning in Context, Visualizing, Recalling Facts and Details, Real and Make Believe, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Author’s Purpose and Sequencing.  Use this review as a teaching tool to spark meaningful class discussion or create your own comprehension questions for group reading sessions or individual reading.  Check back every Sunday for a new review or click subscribe so that you never miss out!

Name: Who Sank the Boat
Author: Pamela Allen
Pages: 32

Summary: When a group of animals decide to head out to sea in a little row boat, it’s no surprise that the overcrowded boat sinks! This story uncovers the mystery of who sank the boat with the culprit being the smallest animal of them all.  A classic story that teaches us that the most obvious answer is not always the correct answer.

Reading strategies: **Note, to avoid confusion, pages start from the first text and image**
Front Cover
Predicting: What do you think this story will be about? Use the heading and the picture to help you.
Pages 1 & 2
Facts and Details: Where is the story set?  List the animals in the story.
Pages 3 & 4
Author’s Purpose: The author ends this page with a question. Why do you think she does this?
Pages 5 & 6
Word Meaning in Context: What do you think the word “din” means? What clues can you use to help you?
Pages 7 & 8
Cause and Effect: What do you think caused the cow to almost fall in?
Pages 9 & 10
Predicting: Do you think the donkey will sink the boat?
Pages 11 & 12
Real and Make Believe: The two animals are sitting in the row boat.  Is this real or make believe?
Pages 13 & 14
Figurative Language: The pig is as fat as butter. Is this a simile, a metaphor or an idiom? What two things are being compared?
Pages 15 & 16
Facts and Details: How many animals are in the boat? Can you name them?
Pages 17 & 18
Connecting: Have you ever been in a boat? Was the boat similar or different to this one?
Pages 19 & 20
Predicting: Who do you think sank the boat? How do you know?

Pages 21 & 22
Sequencing: In what order did the animals get in the boat?
Page 23 & 24
Cause and Effect: Why did the boat sink?
Pages 25 & 26
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think there are no words in this page?

Final Discussion
Real and Make Believe: What are some things from this book that could happen in real life? What are some things that are make believe?
Main Idea: Is there a message to this story? Can you come up with a different heading for this book?

Extra Activities
Making Connections: The animals live beside the sea. Can you think of any places in the real world that are near the sea?

Visualizing: Describe the scene when the boat sank. Include plenty of descriptive language.
Summarizing: Summarize this story in your own words by choosing one of the following; 5 dots points (level 1), 5 simple sentences (level 2) or 5 sentences with descriptive language and conjunctions (level 3).

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