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Picture Story Book Of The Week – The Very Noisy Bear

Teacher review for The Very Noisy Bear.  These reviews are created to assist teachers with implementing and incorporating numerous reading strategies into everyday activities.  Each book review will include suggestions for class discussions on some, or all of the following reading strategies; Predicting, Making Connections, Main Idea, Summarizing, Inferring, Fact and Opinion, Word Meaning in Context, Visualizing, Recalling Facts and Details, Real and Make Believe, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Author’s Purpose and Sequencing.  Use this review as a teaching tool to spark meaningful class discussion or create your own comprehension questions for group reading sessions or individual reading.  Check back every Sunday for a new review or click subscribe so that you never miss out!

Name: The Very Noisy Bear
Author: Nick Bland
Pages: 24

Summary: The Very Noisy bear is all about a bear who is awoken from his sleep by the other animals playing music.  They invite him to join them and give him some different instruments to play.  The problem is, the bear plays every instrument very loudly!  The animals eventually find the perfect fit for the bear who happily entertains the crowd.  A fun rhyming book to entertain your students.

Reading strategies: **Note, to avoid confusion, pages start from the first text and image**
Front Cover
Predicting: What do you think the book might be about? Use the front cover and the heading to help you.
Pages 1 & 2
Inferring: Where do you think the music is coming from? Use the picture to help you.
Pages 3 & 4
Making Connections: Have you been woken up when you were sleeping? How did you feel?
Pages 5 & 6
Predicting: Do you think the bear will stay to play music?
Real and Make Believe: Is it real or make believe that the animals can talk to each other?
Pages 7 & 8
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author wrote the words “boom, bang, bash,” and used a larger font for them?
Pages 9 & 10
Cause and Effect: Why did the animals decide that bear should play the guitar?
Pages 11 & 12
Facts and Details: What happened when the bear started strumming the guitar wildly?
Pages 13 & 14
Predicting: Do you think the bear will be good at playing the trumpet? What clues can you use from the text?
Pages 15 & 16
Word Meaning in Context: What do you think the word “screeching” means? What clues can you use from the text?
Inferring: Do the animals think the bear is good at playing the trumpet? How do you know?
Pages 17 & 18
Compare and Contrast: What is the same about all the instruments the bear has played? What is different about them?
Fact and Opinion: The bear terrible at playing all instruments. Is this a fact or an opinion?
Pages 19 & 20
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author wrote “roar” in such big letters?
Pages 21 & 22
Authors Purpose: Why does the author leave this page without finishing the sentence?
Pages 23 & 24
Predicting: What do you think will happen when the bear tries to play the violin? What clues from the text can you use to help make this prediction?

Final Discussion
Real and Make Believe: There are many things in this story that are make-believe, can you list some? Was there anything in the story that could be real?
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author wrote this story?
Main Idea: Is there a message to this story?
Sequencing: In what order does the bear play each instrument?

Extra Activities
Fact and Opinion: The bear is awful at playing instruments.  Is this a fact or an opinion? Do you agree or disagree?  Bear’s hibernate during the Winter. Is this a fact or an opinion?
Making Connections: Have you ever played an instrument before? When have you seen people playing instruments before?
Summarizing: Summarize this story in your own words using 5 dots points (level 1), 5 simple sentences (level 2), 5 sentences with descriptive language and conjunctions (level 3).

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