Picture Story Book Of The Week – Pig the Pug

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Teacher review for Pig the Pug.  These reviews are designed to assist teachers with implementing and incorporating numerous reading strategies into everyday activities.  Each book review will include suggestions for class discussions on some, or all of the following reading strategies; Predicting, Making Connections, Main Idea, Summarizing, Inferring, Fact and Opinion, Word Meaning in Context, Visualizing, Recalling Facts and Details, Real and Make Believe, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Author’s Purpose and Sequencing.  Use this review as a teaching tool to spark meaningful class discussion or create your own comprehension questions for group reading sessions or individual reading.  Check back every Sunday for a new review or click subscribe so that you never miss out!

Name: Pig The Pug
Author: Aaron Blabey
Pages: 24

Summary: Pig the Pug is a very greedy pig.  This selfish animal doesn’t want to share with anyone.  But Pig learns a valuable lesson when he finds himself suddenly in a position where he needs the help of his friend Trevor.  This rhyming book is perfect to teach your students the value of sharing and thinking about others.

Reading strategies: **Note, to avoid confusion, pages start from the first text and image**
Pages 1 & 2
Predicting: Predict what Pig the Pug might do in this text, use the clue word “greedy” to help you.
Pages 3 & 4
Facts and Details: What is the name of the sausage dog who lives with Pig?
Inferring: How do you think Trevor would be feeling when Pug grumbled at him to go away?
Pages 5 & 6
Figurative Language: What do you think “flipped his wig” means?  What clues did you use to help you?
Pages 7 & 8
Word Meaning in Context: What might the word “swine” mean? Use the clues about how Pig is feeling towards Trevor to help you.
Inferring: How is Pig feeling? How do you know?
Pages 9 & 10
Pages 11 & 12
Word Meaning in Context: What might the word “loot” mean? What clues did you use to help you?
Pages 13 & 14
Compare and Contrast: How are Pig and Trevor different? How are they the same?
Pages 15 & 16
Cause and Effect: What caused Pig to fall from his tower?
Pages 17 & 18
Predicting: How do you think things have changed since Pig fell from his tower?
Pages 19 & 20
Compare and Contrast: How has the relationship between Pig and Trevor changed since the start of the book?
Pages 21 & 22
Predicting: What do you think will happen when Pig has recovered from his injuries?

Final Discussion
Real and Make Believe: What are some things that happened in this story that could be real? What are some things that happened that are make believe?
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author wrote this story?
Main Idea: What do you think is the message of this story? Can you come up with a different heading for this book?
Sequencing: What happened first, second and third in this story?

Extra Activities
Visualizing – Describe Pig as he is falling from his tower, how does he look? What does the pile look like? How does Trevor look?
Making Connections – When is a time that you have been greedy or selfish? When is a time that you shared your belongings? Can you make any other connections between this book and your own life?
Summarizing – Summarize this story in your own words by choosing one of the following; 5 dots points (level 1), 5 simple sentences (level 2) or 5 sentences with descriptive language and conjunctions (level 3).


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