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Picture Story Book Of The Week – Mutt Dog

Teacher review for Mutt Dog.  These reviews are created to assist teachers with implementing and incorporating numerous reading strategies into everyday activities.  Each book review will include suggestions for class discussions on some, or all of the following reading strategies; Predicting, Making Connections, Main Idea, Summarizing, Inferring, Fact and Opinion, Word Meaning in Context, Visualizing, Recalling Facts and Details, Real and Make Believe, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Author’s Purpose and Sequencing.  Use this review as a teaching tool to spark meaningful class discussion or create your own comprehension questions for group reading sessions or individual reading.  Check back every Sunday for a new review or click subscribe so that you never miss out!

Name: Mutt Dog
Author: Stephen Michael King
Pages: 32

Summary: Mutt dog lives alone and belongs to no one.  He has a hard life on the streets, trying to find food and a warm place to sleep.  Eventually he finds a friend in a lady from a half way house who takes him in and gives him the family and the life that he always deserved.  This is a beautiful story about taking care of those less fortunate than us.

Reading strategies: **Note, to avoid confusion, pages start from the first text and image**
Pages 1 & 2
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author wrote “who belonged to no one,” what is the purpose of this?
Pages 3 & 4
Inferring: Do you think Mutt Dog has an easy life or a hard life? What clues did you use from the text to know this?
Pages 5 & 6
Connections: Have you ever seen a stray dog? What did you do? What did you think?
Pages 7 & 8
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author did not include any words on these pages?
Pages 9 & 10
Connections: What is a halfway house? When have you heard of one before?
Pages 11 & 12
Compare and Contrast: How are the people inside the halfway house the same as Mutt Dog? How are they different?
Predicting: What do you think will happen to Mutt Dog since there isn’t enough food or room for him?
Pages 13 & 14
Inferring: What kind of person do you think the lady is who works at the halfway house? How do you know?
Pages 15 & 16
Facts and Details: Why does the lady have to send Mutt Dog on his way?
Pages 17 & 18
Author’s Purpose: What language does the author use to show that Mutt Dog is sad? What effect does this language have on the reader?
Predicting: What do you think will happen next after the lady asks Mutt Dog to come home with her?
Pages 19 & 20
Visualizing: Where do you think the lady and Mutt Dog go? Describe this setting using the image in your own mind.
Pages 21 & 22
Cause and Effect: Why hadn’t Mutt Dog ever had a bath or been given food from a tin before?
Pages 23 & 24
Connections: When is a time you had to name a pet? How did you make a final decision?
Pages 25 & 26
Word Meaning in Context: What do you think the word “mutt” means? There are many clues throughout the text, use these to help you.
Pages 27 & 28
Facts and Details: Describe Mutt Dog’s new life.

Fact and Opinion: The author describes Mutt Dog as brave, fast and smart.  Is this a fact or an opinion?
Pages 29 & 30
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think there are no words on the last page of the book? What impression does this leave you with?

Final Discussion
Real and Make Believe: What are some things that happened in this story that could be real? What are some things that happened that are make believe?
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author wrote this story?
Main Idea: What do you think is the message of this story? Can you come up with a different heading for this book?
Sequencing: Describe Mutt Dog’s life in order from when he starts out on the street to when he gets his new life.

Extra Activities
Fact and Opinion: The lady should have let Mutt Dog stay in the halfway house. Is this a fact or an opinion? Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Making Connections: There are many people living out on the street in the real world.  How do you think these people feel? What are some things that we could do to help these people?
Summarizing: Summarize this story in your own words using 5 dots points (level 1), 5 simple sentences (level 2), 5 sentences with descriptive language and conjunctions (level 3).

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