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My Mission – Milly’s Journey

There’s something very uniquely special about greyhounds.  Something about the way they can warm your heart with just a single look.  Something about the way they snuggle up to you on a cold winter’s day.  It’s the way they desire nothing more than your love and affection.  It’s the way they trust you so completely and unconditionally despite the severe mistreatment by humans in their previous lives.  

These beautiful animals have stolen my heart and changed the way I look at the world.  My mission in life has suddenly become all about protecting and saving as many greyhounds as I possibly can.  I want every single greyhound to find a loving, forever home and to know what it is to have a family of their very own.  When I read about the devastating pain and suffering that many of these animals go through, it breaks me to the very core of my being.  Whilst I know that I personally cannot make up for the terrible treatment of these greys, I could not continue to sit by and do nothing.  So I decided to write a picture story book to raise awareness of the plight of greyhounds following their brief racing career.  I am donating as much money as I can from the profits of this book, to the incredible greyhound rescue groups, in order to help them to rescue as many greyhounds as possible.  The support for my book and for my cause from such a loving and supportive community has made me believe that together we really can make a difference.  I will continue writing to raise awareness of greyhounds as pets and the importance of animal adoption.

After reading yet another horror article about greyhound abuse on the weekend I decided that us greyhound lovers need a little bit of joy in this evil world.  So I decided to begin a “greyhound of the week” segment in my blog.  This is to shine a light on all the wonderful, caring and loving families out there who have opened their hearts to a rescued greyhound.  It’s a chance to spread the happiness and share the positive stories out there because to be honest.  I can’t wait to start sharing all the stories that I have already been sent from people all around the world.

How you can help – Purchase a copy of Milly’s Journey from my website.  The $5 from a signed copy will automatically donated to a greyhound rescue shelter.  Share a copy of my book on Facebook or Instagram and tag “A Greyhound’s Journey” in your photo and I will donate another $5.  Please help me to continue with what is a shared mission of the greyhound loving community, to provide a loving home for every single greyhound.

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