Milly’s Journey

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I’m so excited to share my first picture story book with you.  This has been a project month
s in the making and many a late night/weekend has been spent editing, reviewing and re-writing.  The initial writing phase wasn’t time consuming, I sat down and just wrote.  After an hour I had a book, it wasn’t a good book but it was a book.  The hard part came with all the editing and re-writing until I was finally happy with the end product.  Then I had to find an illustrator and get the layout right. Once everything was ready I ordered samples, making small adjustments after each book until it was perfect!

My inspiration!

I wanted to create a book that would raise awareness about greyhound adoption and how important the programs are that finding loving families for these beautiful animals.  I wanted to portray my message without being too pushy or obvious.  It was never my intention to cast a negative light on the greyhound racing industry and I commend all the trainers out there who are committed to doing the right thing by these animals.   Greyhounds are the most gentle, loyal and loving creatures and I just want them all to find happy, caring homes!

All in all this has been an amazing experience (if not a slightly stressful one) and I can’t wait to get the second installment of Milly’s Journey up and running.  You can order the book from my website just follow the links and please let me know if you have any troubles, I am in no way a techno wiz but I did the best I could and hopefully everything works smoothly!

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