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Letter from a rescued greyhound

Letter from a rescued greyhound

Dear human family,

I would just like stop and time the time to say thank you for letting me into your lives.

You accepted me into your family and I want you to know that I will be forever grateful and I promise that I’ll love you for all my life.

Before I met you I had never slept in a comfortable bed, I didn’t know what a couch was and I definitely didn’t know what it meant to be loved.  You changed my life forever when you picked me up that day.

I want to apologise for getting a little too excited and jumping on you when you come home. I’m not used to having a family to call my own and sometimes I worry that when you leave you won’t come back.

Sorry if I don’t know how to act around other dogs and animals, especially small ones. I was trained to chase, and I was never really given the chance to socialise with the other dogs.

I may be a little clingy and sometimes I get anxious when I’m alone. But it’s just because I never want to lose you and this new life that I can now call my own.

If my zoomies wreck your floors, I’m also sorry for that. It’s just my nature to go a little crazy when I get excited!

Thank you for the times you left food on the counter. I know it was there just for me, even though you pretended that it wasn’t.

I try not to leave my hairs everywhere but sometimes they do escape and attach themselves to your couch, so I guess I’m also sorry for that, even though it’s not really my fault.

And I swear that time the pillow spontaneously exploded had nothing to do with me!

I’ll never forget that you saved me and I really hope you can see it when you look into my eyes.  When you cuddle me and give me pats I finally feel like I belong somewhere and it truly is best feeling in the world.  So hold me a little tighter, play with me a little longer, because to the world you may be just one person, but to me, you are the world.

With love furrever,

Your rescued greyhound xx

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