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Greyhounds of the Week – Elmo and Ivy

Greyhound Names: Elmo and Ivy

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound? Our old dog had to be put down and we were without a dog for 12 months.  My wife wanted a grey but I was unsure. I finally gave in.

How did you adopt your greyhound? We went to see Ivy in Sydney and she was beautiful.  It was another week before we picked her up so before that day we went to Woof Fest.  There I met Elmo and it was love at first sight so instead of 1 greyhound, we got 2.

Funny quirks that your greyhound has?  Elmo has got the biggest overbite and a curly tail.  Ivy has taken some time to come out of her shyness but she is so funny.  She has this look and you just know she is about to be naughty.















Thank you for reading about our greyhounds of the week Ivy and Elmo!


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