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Greyhound Rescue Shelters Not Affiliated With Greyhound Racing

The Greyhound Adoption Program was initiated by the greyhound racing industry as a means of finding homes for the many greyhounds that are no longer wanted or needed by industry participants.  Whilst this has proven to be a very effective way of re-homing the greyhounds, it seems that many people are concerned and frustrated that the partnership between these two groups has resulted in many members of the public remaining oblivious to the serious welfare issues within this industry.  The greyhound shelters who receive funding from greyhound racing must remain silent on these controversial issues and for some people this is understandably seen as hypocritical and irresponsible.  Many members of the community feel that these groups have a tendency to ‘gloss’ over the severe animal welfare concerns that greyhounds in the racing industry face every day.  

Below is a list of the wonderful greyhound rescue shelters in Australia who do not receive funding from the greyhound racing industry and therefore are not affiliated with their practices in any way.  This list was created to help people who wish to avoid any association with the racing industry, it was not created to attack or vilify any greyhound rescue shelters.  Also, for those looking to donate, these are the shelters that are self-funded and rely on donations and fundraising in order to continue their amazing work.

This list will be added to and amended as required, please comment below if you would like to suggest a greyhound rescue shelter that we have missed!

*No current website or link for this shelter.

**Not to be confused with Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) NSW, which is funded by greyhound racing.

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