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Greyhound of the Week – Stormy

Greyhound Name: Stormy

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound? She is 4 years old and I adopted her in October. I chose to adopt a greyhound because I’ve heard great things about them! Also because I have a 12 year old chihuahua and was looking for a dog who is good with small dogs.

How did you adopt your greyhound?  It was a bit of a process finding the right hound because of my unique situation (having a small older dog). Some greys have more of a prey drive then others. When Stormy came to my house for a home visit, Bella barked at her and Stormy just turned around and walked away. I just knew from that moment she would not hurt a fly! I adopted my grey through Greyhound Pets of America-MA. 

What makes you love your greyhound? I love her because she is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She loves everyone she meets and all other dogs.

Funny quirks that your greyhound has? She is a little strange. She doesn’t roach or do zoomies like other greys. She also barks alot! And I was told they are quiet. 











Thank you for reading about our greyhound of the week Stormy!

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