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Greyhound of the Week (Special Edition) – Ronny

Greyhound name: Ronny

Why did you chose to adopt a greyhound? Ever since my family adopted a greyhound I just knew I couldn’t have anything else! I fell so unbelievably in love with the breed. Bridget (our families grey RIP) was the sweetest, most gentle-natured dog I had ever met. After her, I really wanted to help another greyhound to find the home/life they deserved, I couldn’t believe these gorgeous dogs were so poorly treated.  As soon as I moved out of home, adopting a greyhound was all I wanted.

How did you adopt your greyhound? After sending in an application to adopt, we attended a GAP adoption day at Sandown but by the time we got there they had all already found homes! So we rang the GAP kennels and they told us about two greys they had ready to be adopted. We drove there straight away and when we got there and saw Ronny we just knew we had to take him home with us that day.  He hadn’t had any foster care but at that stage it really didn’t matter to us.

What makes you love your greyhound? Ronny has such a sweet personality and is so loving. He snuggles up to me on the couch and even on the bed! I always knew I loved dogs but I never knew one would become such a big part of my life. He is extremely people orientated and loves meeting new humans, who of course always dote on him! Even both his doggy grandparents have fallen in love with him hehe Because of him supporting greyhounds and fighting for their freedom has become a huge passion of mine, I would do anything for Ronny and his friends.

Funny quirks that your greyhound has? His happy little tail! It was amputated due to recurrent wounds/infections at the adoption program so now he has the most wiggly little stumpy tail! Yes it’s true happy tail syndrome is a REAL thing, I laughed when they told me too! He is definitely a very accident prone dog, he’s pretty big even for a greyhound and it’s like he has no idea where his big, long body ends! He’s bumped his head a million times and walked into that many things I’ve lost count! I now carry a pet first aid kit with me everywhere I go! He’s just the best dog in the world to me ?



Thank you for reading about our special edition of greyhound of the week featuring Ronny!

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