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Greyhound of the Week – Penny

Greyhound name:  Penny

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound?  We knew we wanted to adopt a dog and save a life. We’ve both had dogs our whole lives but never greyhounds. We didn’t know much about greyhounds and hadn’t ever had much to do with the breed, but kinda felt that a greyhound was what we wanted. But we wanted to make sure we were making the right decision so we did a lot of research about the breed, joined a few greyhound facebook groups and asked questions, and came to the conclusion that a greyhound would be a good fit for our life.

How did you adopt your greyhound?  Once we decided we wanted a greyhound it was a waiting game, as we have a cat so we needed to make sure we got the perfect fit for our home. Originally we wanted a boy, as we had heard they were more affectionate. We weren’t that fussed by colour except that we didn’t want white or black as we have a white cat and were worried about more hair that would be obvious around the house. Cue Penny, a black female. Not what we wanted, but we thought it wouldn’t hurt to go and meet her, spend a day cuddling a cute dog even if we knew she wasn’t the right dog for us. Well, didn’t she have other ideas, within the first minute she had stuck her long snout under my armpit and just looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, and I was in love. We had to wait the longest week, I swear that week was 549 days long, for her to be desexed before we could take her home, and then we had a three week trial to make sure the grey and cat would get along, but then she was all ours.

What makes you love your greyhound?  She had the most sensitive soul, she reacts to everything around her and is so in tune with us. She has the goofiest smile when she sleeps upside down. Her ears are like the softest silk. She loves every single person she meets. I could go on and on.

Any funny quirks your greyhound has?  She does this little wiggle that goes all the way down her body to her bum when she sees someone she knows when out walking. She’ll nudge my backside when she wants me to do something, feed her, walk her etc. And when driving and she’s in the backseat if I forget to put down her window she’ll tap me on the shoulder with her snout. We love our girl.





















Thank you for reading all about our greyhound of the week, Penny!

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