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Greyhound of the Week – Nima

Greyhound name: Nimaathap (Nima) is my grey’s name! She is named after an Egyptian queen to tie in their bloodline and history of the oldest breed and the strength of her diva personality. 

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound? I chose to adopt a greyhound for many reasons. The history of the breed and story. Adopting a retired racer seemed like a great thing to do and show her a different side of life after retirement. The uniqueness of the breed as pets in the States made me want a greyhound. She’s an eye catcher! I enjoy educating people as they come up and ask questions. She makes everyone smile. Lastly they are the perfect breed for indoor small apartment living. So relaxed calm and lazy.

How did you adopt your greyhound? I adopted Nimaathap from a greyhound adoption agency in Austin Texas that finds forever homes for retired or non racer greys. My girl never raced competitively. She preferred the lazy life from day one!

What makes you love your greyhound? I love my girl for many reasons. I went in the adoption process knowing I wanted a brindle male. When I met her, she told me she was the one with the way she looked at me and from that moment I wanted no other dog. She is so sweet and shows affection by digging her face into your leg and shoulder. She’s my alarm clock with cookies at 7 am. She’s the best!

Funny quirks that your greyhound has? Quirks. Oh the quirks. Does NOT accept or even like dog treats. Bought about 10 different kinds by now and has eaten 0. LOVES cat food. I have to put her brother’s food where she can’t reach. Refuses to get into the car on her own. Has to be picked up every time. Afraid of stranger cats and small toy size dogs but bullies her 100 pound black Labrador brother when they play. Only plays with hedgehog toys.











Thank you for reading about our greyhound of the week Nima!



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