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Greyhound of the Week, Milly!

Greyhound name: Milly

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound? My family adopted a greyhound called Bridget when I was a child, so I witnessed first hand how gentle and loving these dogs are.  Unfortunately she passed away last year but I’ll never forget her and the memories that we had together.  As soon as I was in a position to get a dog I knew that adopting a greyhound was the only choice for me!

How did you adopt your greyhound? Once I made the decision I started looking online.   I was on holiday visiting some friends in Bendigo and Milly just happened to be at the RSPCA in Bendigo! It was fate! I went to meet her the next day and fell in love with her instantly of course.  We signed the papers and took her home!

What makes you love your greyhound? I know I’m biased as all heck but I think Milly is the most perfect dog in the world.  When I’m feeling sad she’s there to cuddle. She’s always there waiting for me at the end of a bad day with her tail wagging and that goofy smile and suddenly all my stress and frustration just melts away! She comes everywhere with me and waits patiently during my coffee catch ups and netball games. She loves the car! She’s beautiful with children and she just loves people. Milly melts my heart and I honestly love her more than words can describe.  She has definitely turned me into a crazy dog lady and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Funny quirks that your greyhound has? Ah where do I begin? Milly is a whole bundle of crazy, just like me! She can escape from anywhere and everywhere, I once found her on the roof of my parents’ two story house after she broke through the window and climbed out. That was definitely a heart attack moment.  I taught her “sit” and “talk” on the same day and now she can’t tell difference between them so when I ask her to sit she starts barking at me! She hates photos, she literally cries when I point the camera at her so I have to sneak them in when she’s not looking or she’s sleeping.  She’s so clumsy.  It’s very common for her to fall over her own feet when running and then she squeals so loudly (the greyhound howl of doom) until I can give her the adequate attention required to calm her down.






Thanks for reading about our greyhound of the week, Milly!

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