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Greyhound of the Week, Looking for his Forever Home – Jacko

Greyhound name: Jacko

Jacko is a foster hound through Gumtree Greys and is looking for his forever home.

We love Jacko because he is incredible goofy and is constantly making us laugh.  Jacko has lots a funny quirks, he likes stick his head in between your legs when he is excited, he likes to collect anything that looks fun, shoes, blankets, pillows anything he sees as fare game but he never chews it which is a bonus, just likes to carry things around and leave them in different places in the house. He loves to be with people and will follow you everywhere, even to the bathroom haha! We also think he may have been a cat in another life as he rubs himself on your legs just like a cat would. ?

Please contact Gumtree Greys if you would like more information about Jacko! He is looking for his forever home and we hope that he can find his happily ever after.












Thank you for reading about our greyhound of the week, Jacko!


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