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Greyhound of the Week – Hilda

Greyhound name: Hilda

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound? We had a small unit, so I didn’t think a dog would work out, but I was dying to get one. My friend who already had a greyhound told me that greyhounds are actually well suited to small apartments, and didn’t require much exercise, so I looked into it a bit more! When I read that they slept 20hrs a day and don’t bark, I was sold! 

How did you adopt your greyhound? We looked on the GAP website and Hilda was already ‘waiting for a home’ when we called, and there were no other cat friendly hounds. We were a little disheartened when we hung up, but when we looked the next day on the website, Hilda was available again, so we called straight away and went to Baxter the next day to collect her! We took her home with the intent to adopt once we knew she was okay with our cat Zola, then made it official 3 weeks later.

What makes you love your greyhound?  This question is easy but hard to put into words..she’s just a special dog. Everything about her we love, even when she is naughty, she still makes us smile. She always checks in on us when we are relaxing on the couch, or cooking in the kitchen, then takes herself back to her favourite bed.  

Funny quirks that your greyhound has?  She huffs and cries when she doesn’t get her morning walk straight away, and even though it drives us crazy that we can’t sleep in, we love that she loves her walks so much. We love how sociable she is with other dogs, big and small, and we love that she loves our cat, even though the cat picks on her.

Funny quirks that your greyhound has? When we go for walks, and the grass is dry, she rubs her face and neck all over the grass with her butt in the air.  She arches her back extra high when you scratch her with a coat/pjs on. And once we had to take her to the vet coz we thought she had grass seed in her throat… turns out she was ‘reverse sneezing’.

Anything else you’d like to share? We have never met a dog who gets more attention than what Hilly does (not biased at all)… but no matter where we are, or what we’re doing, people will always stop us and talk to us about her! We hope that by having Hilda, and introducing her to so many people, that we have encouraged others to get themselves a greyhound, because they truly are the best!

Thank you for reading about our greyhound of the week Hilda!

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