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Greyhound of the Week – Evie

Evie’s Profile: Our beautiful black greyhound Evie was born on 22nd April, 2014 and her pedigree name was Aggi Den. We adopted her on 12th April, 2017.

Why did you choose to adopt a greyhound? Well, that’s a bit of a story how we ended up adopting Evie.  I wanted a companion dog, and I love dachshunds, but I had always said I would adopt a greyhound if the circumstances permitted, and, that’s what I did! I’ve always heard that greyhounds are couch potatoes and I thought “that would suit me well, I wouldn’t have to exercise one as much as maybe another breed of dog”, well, that didn’t quite happen, but, I’ll get onto that later!
How did you adopt your greyhound? We adopted Evie through GAP Victoria, after being approved as adoptees.  I read her profile and it said she was a quiet girl who loved nothing better than to curl up on your lap – ideal for me, as I wanted a dog to keep me company.  Anyway, we drove up to Seymour, they brought Evie out to meet us and it was love at first sight. The most beautiful little black face I had seen, and she just licked and licked us when she greeted us! We decided then and there she was the girl for us and took her straight home, stopping at the pet shop on the way home for some supplies as we didn’t know how the day would end and we had nothing for her at home.
What makes  you love your greyhound?  We love Evie, as she is one of a kind. As it turns out she was not the quiet, cuddly, couch potato we had expected.  She is a dynamo, and, if she was a human I would say she has a touch of ADD!!! We love how quickly she has adapted to our family, or should I say, taken over the family!  She shows her love by being a “licky dog”, she showers us with licks at any time of the day, from when I get up to feed her in the morning, until she falls asleep. She doesn’t cuddle (except on the big bed in the morning after breakfast) but I hope in time she will come up and sit next to me for a cuddle and pat – hope springs eternal!!!
Funny quirks that your greyhound has?  I wouldn’t say she has quirks, but one of her big things is sitting in every available seat, couch, bed, different areas on the floor, in front of your seat, beside your seat, or, as I type this, on the big bed, because we aren’t paying attention to her and she knows we go and check on her whereabouts if we can’t see her – smart cookie, that Evie.  Whilst I type I can hear daddy and Evie playing the “bitey game” which was originally encouraged by my husband.  Evie has totally taken over the house.  Her GAP profile certainly got her loving to do zoomies right. We can take her on a rather long walk and she will come back home and, you guessed it, do zoomies until she can barely breathe! She has been known to go outside very late at night for a wee and suddenly this black shadow is racing at top speed around the garden – it’s a sight to behold, and during winter, muddy paws that we have to wash!!!  My husband wasn’t keen on adopting a greyhound, he wanted a small rescue dog (we have always said we will adopt not shop) but I had always had that hankering deep inside for a grey. We haven’t had a dog for 20 years and our last beautiful fur baby was a Rough Collie called Gypsy, who was placid and quiet. So, we went to one of the shelters and I saw 4 greyhounds there, but none who would be really suited to us, so, my husband agreed to go to meet Evie and that is the beginning of a beautiful love story. She has bonded very much with my husband (yes, the reluctant one) which means I didn’t exactly adopt my companion, but, she’s my fur baby and we just love her. 
So, my placid, couch potato is one bundle of energy, and would you believe, daddy just let her out and she did, yes, you guessed it… zoomies!  And the naughty little tyke just dug 2 holes – she’s only 3, we’ve had her 4 months and she was adopted straight from kennels, she is still a puppy!!!
Well, with a lot of perseverance we finally house trained her. I won’t deny it has been a somewhat overwhelming journey for me as I thought we were adopting a fostered, already transitioned grey – but, she is part of the family now.  We walk her with other greys on the weekend and she is now quite socialised with the other dogs!
Well, that’s the story of Evie May Hedrick for now, I’m sure we’re in for lots more fun times and to see her gradually develop into a family pet has been rewarding. 




















Thank you for reading about our greyhound of the week, Evie!



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