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Greyhound of the Week – Dr Sinbad

Greyhound Name: His racing name is Dr Sinbad. I call him Sinny or Sin or Bad depending.  

I call him Sinny or Sin or Bad depending. He wasn’t a bad racer until he injured himself. He was known as Mr Personality when he raced. His handler asked the pre-race vets not to speak to him, because he is very out there for a Greyt.  His tail always flies at full mast, it is never tucked between his legs.

He found me through an emergency foster three years ago. He failed his GAP test. I was meant to introduce him to small dogs so that he could pass. He passed with flying colours on his second attempt and somehow he never left my house.

He is an amazing Greyt.  He is the type who would stamp his foot to be recognized. Mr Personality.










Thank you for reading about our greyhound of the week, Dr Sinbad!


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