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Diary of a Foster Mum – Fostering bits and bobs

Fostering Bits and Bobs

Dear diary,

Fostering has truly opened up my eyes as to how many things that I have taught Milly over the past couple of years as I realize that Gazza has absolutely no idea what’s going on. A few key things that should be noted for future reference…

  1. Milly knows “yucky” and when I say it she won’t even think about going near the questionable item that can be smelt from 1km down the road.  When I tried this with Gazza he proceeded to completely ignore me as he sniffed the contraband, lick it and then joyfully roll in it, resulting in a rather unpleasant walk home for the three of us.
  2. When we get to the driveway I usually un-clip Milly and say “go home” and she bolts down the driveway and waits proudly at the door, tail wagging and waiting to be let in. Attempting this with Gazza resulted in a frantic 20 minutes, that saw me desperately chasing him around the neighborhood as he enjoyed a seemingly pleasant morning stroll.
  3. Milly wouldn’t dare take food from our plates for fear of exile from the house… Gazza, who has never lived inside before, sees food, instinct kicks in and said food is gone within about 2.5 seconds. Must remember in future not to leave toast on the coffee table when fetching coffee from the kitchen.
  4. Milly knows not to drink out of the toilet bowl… sorry Gazza, no more sloppy kisses from you until you work this one out!
  5. Gazza is still learning the basics of life in a house.  A few times banging his head on the tv is normal while he works out that the people in the screen are not real.  Also basic noises terrify him, scary noises include; the toilet flushing, the oven closing, toast popping up, doors closing, the lawn mower, the vacuum, loud voices, whistling and chairs being pushed in…

I’m sure the learning process will continue as Gazza develops his own unique personality but despite a few hiccups along the way this beautiful foster boy has definitely captured our hearts! I look forward to discovering new quirks along the way…

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