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Adopting Greyhounds – What they don’t tell you!

So you’ve made the tentative leap towards the joyful world that is greyhound parenting…  But be warned, greyhounds are not the ordinary dog that you may be expecting.  Before you get too deeply immersed in your happy, greyhound bubble, it is important that you are loaded up with all the information that you need to tackle this peculiar breed! 

  1. Greyhounds are not real dogs – Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. They are passed off as dogs and many people are fooled into thinking that this creature, truly is of the canine variety, but this is not the case! The true origins of this graceful, yet lanky creature is not yet known. What we do know, is that they certainly don’t act like their doggy counterparts.  It is a common belief among greyhound lovers that this creature is some sort of dog/human hybrid… Only time will tell.
  2. Greyhounds will take over your home – You will no longer have any form of ownership rights to the couch, the bed, the blankets or any other variety of soft comfortable, surface that may have once belonged to you. In fact, even your own body will become a greyhound bed, if your 30kg furry friend chooses to sleep on you. As of yet there is no solution to what’s known as the “greyhound home invasion”.
  3. Greyhounds will destroy your floors – One word… ZOOOOOMIES!!! You will never know when, you will never know why, but your greyhound will get regular attacks of the crazies and when this occurs your flooring will most likely be the first victim. Fortunately these attacks will only last 1-2 minutes and are succeeded by long periods of heavy breathing and naps.
  4. You can’t successfully change the sheets with a greyhound around – Not many people know this, but greyhounds have a bizarre sixth sense. No matter where they are located in the house, they will detect the rustling of bed sheets being changed and before you know it you will have a greyhound inside your bed sheets doing circles all over your bed for no apparent reason.
  5. Your greyhound will steal your heart and turn you into a crazy dog person – No one is immune and there is no cure for this. Once you get a greyhound you will become one of ‘those’ people. Your Instagram and Facebook pages will be clogged up with photos of your greyhound eating, sleeping, walking, playing and cuddling.  You will love your greyhound more than anyone else can understand and your greyhound will become a fundamental part of your world.  These beautiful creatures will never forget that you saved them and the bond that is forged because of this can never be broken.

Hopefully you are now equipped with the knowledge you need take on this special breed.  Despite (or perhaps because of) their peculiarities  greyhounds make exceptional pets.  They are loyal, gentle, loving and playful.  You will never, ever regret the day you adopted a greyhound!

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