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Picture Story Book Of The Week – Me and Moo

Teacher review for “Me and Moo”.  These reviews are designed to assist teachers with implementing and incorporating numerous reading strategies into everyday activities. Each book review will include suggestions for class discussions on some, or all of the following reading strategies; Predicting, Making Connections, Main Idea, Summarizing, Inferring, Fact and Opinion, Word Meaning in Context, Visualizing, Recalling Facts and Details, Real and Make Believe, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, Author’s Purpose and Sequencing.  Use this review as a teaching tool to spark meaningful class discussion or create your own comprehension questions for group reading sessions or individual reading.  Check back every Sunday for a new review or click subscribe so that you never miss out!

Name: Me and Moo
Author: P. Crumble

Illustrator: Nathaniel Eckstrom
Pages: 24

Summary: When a boy helps a young cow he makes a very special friend.  Mop the cow follows him everywhere, and even though Moo is big, he is still part of the family.  Moo even comes to school and the other children start bringing their special friends too. A cute story about friendship and kindness.

Reading strategies: **Note, to avoid confusion, pages start from the first text and image**
Front Cover
Predicting: Who do you think will be the main characters in this story? Use the heading and the picture to help you.
Pages 1 & 2
Cause and Effect: Why do you think Moo eats the flowers from the backyard?
Pages 3 & 4
Connecting: Have you ever seen animals do this before with the humans who look after them?
Facts and Details: What two things does the boy help moo to do?
Pages 5 & 6
Figurative Language: Moo got so big he couldn’t fit in the backpack any more, can you think of a simile or a metaphor to describe Moo?
Pages 7 & 8
Author’s Purpose: The author uses humor on these pages, what is the purpose of this?
Compare and Contrast: What does the boy and Moo have in common? How are they different?
Pages 9 & 10
Real and Make Believe: Which characters in the story could be real? Which characters are make believe?
Pages 11 & 12
Connecting: Where have you seen cows in the real world?
Pages 13 & 14
Recalling Facts and Details: Why is does the boy say Moo is big and clumsy?
Pages 15 & 16
Fact and Opinion: Cows should not be allowed in schools. Is this a fact or an opinion?
Pages 17 & 18
Inferring: Why are the animals called Oink, Baa and Cluck?
Pages 19 & 20
Facts and Details: What are each of the animals good at?

Pages 21 & 22
Cause and Effect: What causes the room to be squishy?
Page 23
Author’s Purpose: Why do you think the author ends the book in this way?

Final Discussion
Real and Make Believe: Is Roar, who lives in the cupboard, a real or make believe character?
Author’s Purpose: How does the author tell you that the boy and Moo and good friends?
Main Idea: Is there a message to this story? Can you come up with a different heading for this book?
Sequencing: What happened first, second, third and fourth in this story?

Extra Activities
Making Connections – Can you think of another story with farm animals in it? Describe this story.
Visualizing – Describe each of the animals in the story using your own words.
Summarizing – Summarize this story in your own words by choosing one of the following; 5 dots points (level 1), 5 simple sentences (level 2) or 5 sentences with descriptive language and conjunctions (level 3).

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