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8 Incredible Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound

They’re one of the most misunderstood and mistreated breeds of dog in the world, and yet they are becoming increasingly popular as pets. So why are so many people choosing greyhounds to become their next furry friend?  We came up with 8 reasons why greyhounds make the best pets and why you should consider adopting one of these beautiful pups!

  1. They’re lazy – So many people think that greyhounds need plenty of exercise, large yards and space to run.  This is simply not the case.  Most greyhounds are more than happy with a short walk, a couple of zoomies around the yard and then they’ll settle down to sleep for the rest of the day. Greyhounds are even becoming the dog of choice for apartment living due to their lazy lifestyle.  In fact greyhounds sleep for around 18-22 hours a day!
  2. They’re funny – Greyhounds are a peculiar breed. You’ll be entertained daily by their odd quirks and unique personality traits.  Every greyhound is different but amongst some of the funny characteristics I’ve heard and seen are; collecting random household objects and hoarding them under the bed, zooming around the yard for no apparent reason, sleeping upside down (roaching) and carrying a favourite toy around in ones mouth all day…
  3. They’re cuddly – Greyhounds love nothing more than to snuggle up with you on the couch or bed and would happily lie with you forever if you let them.  They make the best bed warmers in winter and even the worst day can be turned into a good one by a greyhound cuddle.
  4. They’re child friendly – Most greyhounds absolutely adore children and are very gentle and sweet with them.  They are a very tolerant and peaceful breed and will happily settle in with children of all ages.
  5. They’re gentle – Greyhounds are  a very placid breed.  This is often questioned due to muzzling requirements enforced upon them. However most greyhounds incredibly gentle and calm around humans and despite their previous lives in the racing industry, they are completely loyal and loving to their human families.
  6. They’re cute – Those greyhound eyes! They have a way of looking at you that will just completely melt your heart. Anyone who can resist this adorable face would have to have a heart of steel.
  7. They’re cheap – Greyhound adoption fees do vary, however compared to the costs of purchasing any other pure breed dog, greyhounds are incredibly cheap. Greyhounds come de-sexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped and generally come with a coat, a bowl, a lead and a collar.
  8. They need you – It is estimated that between 13,000-17,000 greyhounds are euthanized every year by the greyhound racing industry. The massive over supply in this industry means that many greyhounds are being killed simply because they are deemed as being not up to racing standard. Adopting a greyhound is the only way to save this precious breed and to reduce these horrific statistics. A greyhound will be forever grateful to you for saving their life and you will feel a love like no other when you adopt a greyhound.

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