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15 Undeniable Reasons That Greyhounds Are Better Than Humans

Greyhounds are the best, we all know that… But are they really better than humans? Umm… Hells yeah! We’ve listed 15 undeniable ways that greyhounds trump humans.

  1. They double as a highly efficient and economical vacuum cleaner. Super quick, super easy and no mess… Greyhounds will remove any food scraps that make it to the floor, you don’t even have to ask them!
  2. They see you at your worst and still love you! Greyhounds don’t question your judgements or life choices… They won’t judge you for having that extra glass of wine, or for your terrible singing voice. Greyhounds adore you and all your weird and wacky quirks.
  3. Your greyhound will never lie to you. But for future reference, if ever there is a pillow that has been torn to pieces or food stolen from the bench top… It was the cat!
  4. Unlike certain humans, your greyhound can instantly destress you (I know many humans who have the opposite affect). Just one look at that happy, smiling face can turn even the most darkest of days into sunshine and rainbows.
  5. They are the best listeners. You can talk to them all day about your problems! And you know for sure that they aren’t going to go spreading your secrets around the whole town…
  6. They love you unconditionally. Unlike any human, greyhounds are able to forgive their mistreatments of the past and trust their new human family so completely.
  7. They’re always happy to see you! Greyhounds don’t get moody or cranky. The second you walk through the door they will be jumping with joy.
  8. You’re greyhound will never ignore you to check their social media accounts or reply to a message. You have their undivided attention!
  9. Your greyhound will never ditch you for anyone else. You are the most important thing in their life… You are their world.
  10. They are not racist, sexist, biased, judgmental, bigoted, mean or small minded. A greyhound has an open heart that is full of nothing but love.
  11. A greyhound will never hurt your feelings. They will never betray you, lie to you or turn their back on you. 
  12. They protect you from harm. They have great instincts and they know when danger is near, a greyhound would literally give their life to save yours… Not many humans would do that!
  13. They’re waaaay cuter than humans! Sorry people but my greyhound has a better face than any of you… #sorrynotsorry
  14. They eat less than people and they won’t steal your special treats! Although you may be forced to share if you look too closely into those adorable greyhound eyes.
  15. They give the best cuddles. When they rest their head in your arms and snuggle into you, it’s a warmth like no other!

So yep I’ll be ditching humans and hanging out with my greyhound from now on!

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