Welcome to my page!

My name is Samantha Nelson and I am a qualified middle school teacher in Victoria Australia.  I have always believed that we are all capable of anything we put our mind to, and with just a little inspiration and dedication it is possible to achieve anything!  I had to move to a remote, country town in Northern Victoria in order to find work teaching over 3 years ago.  I started off teaching grades 5/6 before making the switch to 3/4 in 2016.  I love the enthusiasm and excitement that the younger kids demonstrate towards their learning!

 I am a TpT seller and have a number of digital resources available online at my store Pink Tulip Creations.  I have also just released my first picture story book titled “Milly’s Journey”.  This is the result of many hours of hard work and receiving the final draft was a very exciting moment for me!  You can purchase either a soft copy or a hard copy of this book on the menu to the right.  My goal for this book was to raise awareness of the plight of many greyhounds awaiting new homes following their racing career.

Enjoy my site and thanks for stopping by!